Questionnaire junkie?

Iam not quite a questionnaire junkie – not quite – but I do like answering questionnaires.  I suppose it is my way of expressing my opinion, in a kind of safe mode!

Another one landed on my home desk this evening, on another area dear to my heart:  my radio listening habits.  Oh, and I had to include my TV watching habits too, which are not interesting at all.  Plus the people who put the questionnaire together forgot that there are some households – admittedly not that many here in Accra, though a growing number – that do have satellite, either DSTV or GBS…  Twits!   Anyway, I tend to stick to certain stations at home or in the car:  BBC mostly, with Joy and Citi in the mornings, and occasionally VOA, and even more occasionally Atlantis, Radio Gold and Vibe…   If I am alone in the car, I prefer listening to people speaking.   When there are others with me, then music is OK, as we will probably be talking to each other. Bu

I started off talking about the latest questionnaire – on media…   Must remember the bit on the last page about newspapers!  hmmm.

Another recent questionnaire was one on eLearning in Africa, a follow-up to the eLearning Africa conference which I attended in Accra in May this year.  It took me about four tries before I managed to actually get to the questionnaire, not to talk about filling it in!   I think the speed of the internet connections I have at home and at work sometimes do act as a constraint to rapid communication!

I’ve also noticed that the students at work do like giving out questionnaires – as part of their social research methods and other courses.  Why not oblige?  It doesn’t really put me out and I can answer these pretty quickly – especially if the questions aren’t too open!   Latest topics included work table/desk space (mine is cluttered), clothing (I suspect I spend relatively little on this, compared with other women), and car rental (rather hypothetical, but still).  At least these ones are in hard copy, so I can write comments when I don’t like a question or the alternative answers proposed, not always the case with the online variety.

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