Discussion of Emma’s war

I finally went to an Accra Book Club meeting on Tuesday; my first in more than a year I think. I stayed at work, and then got to the Zanzibar restaurant early, and actually continued reading. Kudos to the owner/manager who turned a light for which I was very grateful.

As I mentioned in an earlier post the book under discussion was Emma’s war by Deborah Scroggins. I had only read a quarter of it but it was interesting hearing the three others present discussing some of the themes/ideas which appealed to them or struck them as worth discussing. I am still reading it, so it wasn’t really a “spoiler”. And anyway I know that she died… but it was fascinating hearing reactions to descriptions of the aid/development/relief communities of which Emma was a part.

The detail on the Sudan is considerable, and in a way the book’s title is a little misleading, as at least half of it is devoted to explanations of the changing situations in that turbulent country. I am learning something, and having had a discussion, one does notice some aspects more

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