Holidays have started

I recently finished reading Emma’s war, though it did take me longer than usual to finish.  But that is not too surprising as I tend to read non-fiction more slowly than fiction.  And if truth be told, it is easier to skim fiction than non-fiction.  Oh dear.  I was glad to have gone to the recent Accra Book Club meeting, as it did bring up some issues that I was more conscious of than perhaps I would have been.

Interestingly enough I came across a name of someone I knew mentioned in the book as one of those who commented on the educational work that Emma had been  doing.  So I did the natural thing – a search on Google – and came up with a couple of leads, including a Facebook entry.   Not just for the younger generations is Facebook!

Along with many other organisations here in Ghana, work is officially closed for a couple of weeks for Christmas and New Year, though I am sure that faculty will be occupied – mostly in marking!  For some of us, that means more time to catch up on my reading, and a little TV too!

I still have to finish Chris Anderson’s The long tail, which I started a month or so again.  It’s not that it is not not worth reading; I just got distracted.  I have also started the well-reviewed first novel by Catherine O’Flynn, What was lost but haven’t got very far.

Saw that there is a new shop in the Accra Shopping Mall – with books!  Wow…  I suspect there are a lot of DVDs and CDs as well but still.  That means even more temptation on Saturday morning shopping.

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