New bookshop at Accra Mall

I went into the new bookshop in the Accra Mall and came out with mixed feelings.  It looks very sleek and modern from the outside, but I felt it was rather cramped, once I was in, and taking a look around.

OK, I was constrained by the fact that I went in with two of the family who were not too pleased to be hanging around the mum while she was looking at what she wanted.  Just as I felt a little irritated hanging about waiting for them when they were browsing in a clothes shop earlier!

So I obviously need to go back – and probably do this on my own, which I will do sometime next week.

Initials reactions though:  not sure who the market is.  It is associated with the movie theatres, but I am not clear as to the exact relationship.  There are books for adults and children, DVDs, games and music CDs, plus some attractive cards.  All new, nicely labeled, priced (though I feel on the high side), and with security tags on them.

Although the different media are more or less separated, I found the arrangement of the books a bit difficult to follow – with a lack of signage.  The fiction also seemed to be a bit of a hodge-podge, and unfortunately for me, I think I had read many of them…  A lot of devotional and religious books too – and right at the front of the shop, which rather surprised me.  Not much African writing either though I did see the most recent collection of short stories for the Caine prize, which was unexpected.

I didn’t buy anything – which is pretty unusual for me in a bookshop.  But I will go back, and take a really good look.

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