Another bookshop coming to Accra?

Twice in the last week there have been full-page ads in the Daily Graphic for staff of a new bookshop opening in April 2009.  In a rather typical style for some ads here it doesn’t give the name of the company, which continues to annoy me – even after all these years! It has been explained to me that some of the reasons for this include:  wishing to avoid a huge number of personal visits to any organisation/institution (all of which would take up time to deal with, even if they are handled at reception level), anonymity providing a filter, in that those who apply would be genuinely interested in a “post” rather than the organisation and of course just trying to avoid a lot of fairly useless applications which don’t even meet the qualifications, but again are lured by the attraction of the company.  

Still, it is pretty interesting, and I did fire off an email asking for more details – but I strongly suspect that will get lost in a black hole of employment emails.  

I suspect it will be oriented to academic institutions and that type of clientele, which will be a help at work, but may not satisfy some of my personal interests!  

We shall see.

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