What to read on a long trip?

I have already started thinking about what I should read on my forthcoming holiday.  It is a while since I’ve been on one, but suffice it to say that I don’t go on any trip without a supply of reading material – usually in excess, unless I am sure I will be somewhere where I can borrow or buy.    

Fiction or non-fiction?  Literary or light reading?  Thriller or crime? Science fiction?  Some decisions need to be thought about – though it is still rather early to put choices into a carry-on bag!  

The problem is that I don’t want to finish whatever I chose before the end of the journey.  Otherwise I will really be going crazy.  Of course, there would be some magazines to read – or rather skim through.  But that can be done in half an hour or so, maybe slightly more.  A movie or two to watch?  Sure, but then what else?  A snooze or a doze – sure – though I can’t really sleep when I travel, unlike some lucky people.

So at the moment it looks like fiction, probably on the lightish side, and a thriller…  But then it depends on what is on my “to read” shelves.


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