Georgette Heyer books in Accra!

Today I am talking about a real link to the past – my daughter had spoken not so long ago about completing her set of Georgette Heyer Regency romances through eBay.   The older meets the new in the third generation!

I think I brought quite a few of them which had belonged to my mother back to Ghana in the late 1980s, and A actually read and enjoyed them during secondary school. When A moved on one trip I was “ordered” to find them, and bring to them to her, which as a dutiful mother I did…

Funny, cos I remember that my mother really enjoyed the Georgette Heyer romances, to the extent that if there was a new one out then we knew what at least one Christmas present for her would be in a given year – that is, until the author died in the early 1970s.

Certainly my sister and I both enjoyed reading them – in our teens – mostly from the home collection, but some borrowed from the local public library in DC.

I realised that relatively recently (well, maybe within the last decade or so), after being out of print for many years, many of the Georgette Heyer novels were reprinted for another generation of female readers! And I suspect that they are still popular – definitely a few steps up from Mills and Boon or Harlequin, but a slight older and more chaste version of “chicklit”.

And last Saturday I was pleasantly surprised to see them in the Silverbird bookshop which has a somewhat interesting mix of fiction and non-fiction.  So how could I resist?  I bought a copy of These old shades which I think was one of the first I read, and I know I re-read it several times.  

So now I will read it again – but thirty-five years later.  I wonder how I will react to it this time?  Is it truly a classic?

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