Holiday reading

I’ve been on holiday/vacation since Mother’s Day (10 May), so haven’t been reading as much as I would normally.  But by some standards, I wouldn’t be called totally idle.

I had heard of all the controversy about Stephanie Meyer’s vampire series, and I just couldn’t resist buying and reading a copy of Twilight, the first book.  It was OK, though I am not sure that I would go overboard in enthusiasm.  But it was certainly a good story.  Would I watch the movie?  Not sure.

Then a slight change of pace with an Icelandic mystery/crime story by Arnaldur Indridason, Silence of the grave.  It took me a while to get into the different time frames, and I am ashamed to admit that I found the names and geography just a little bit confusing, so was constantly referring to the map in the front.  The resolution isn’t too simplistic, and there are definitely some loose ends – mainly for the main characters who presumably carry on?

Another change of location with the book originally published as Q & A, and now titled Slumdog millionaire (by Vikas Swarup), obviously to cash in on the popularity of the award winning movie.   I am somewhat ashamed to say that I haven’t watched the movie – yet, but I did enjoy the book.  It was pretty gritty, which is something that didn’t really come through to me in reviews and discussions of the movie.  Or maybe I just didn’t absorb that aspect?

Most recent completed read was Alan Brennert’s Moloka’i, which my sister had recommended a long time ago.  Upon reflection, it is almost non-fictional but was still a good story about the impact of leprosy on one individual in the Hawaii of the late 19th century up to not so long ago.  It really gave me an insight into the impact of leprosy on individuals and their families in what one imagined to be a tropical paradise.  It did make me wonder what happened in Ghana before the advent of the present treatment for Hansen’s disease (leprosy).

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