Reading of “Harmattan rain”

Last weekend I went to the second of the literary events organised by Franka Andoh at Cuppa Cappucino.   I missed the first one, as it took place a day or so before I travelled (not much of an excuse, I know) but actually met the author/reader featured (Mohammed Naseehu Ali, who wrote The prophet of Zongo Street) on the plane!  The phrase “it is a small world” certainly does apply!

This time the featured author was Ayesha Harruna Attah, and her book Harmattan rain. I had actually seen and bought the book, but had only read the first chapter (I am ashamed to say).

The heavens threatened to open, so the reading was moved inside – a little cosy, but generally the venue worked, and the audience was interested, questioning but sympathetic. Definitely more women than men – probably not unexpectedly given the venue, and possibly the subject.

There were the usual book sales afterwards, and author signing. And yes, I did bring my copy to be autographed.

As I write I have just finished the book. It was long, not a difficult read, and the stories were interesting as were the commentaries on Ghanaian society over the last fifty plus years. But I do feel it could have had a bit more editing…

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