Web 2.0 for librarians workshop

I attended a presentation cum workshop on Web 2.0 for librarians at the US Embassy Information Resource Center here in Accra.  All part of the continuous professional development offered to members of the Ghana Library Association.  [Apologies for not putting up a link to the GLA website, but this is under review and reconstruction, to make it more interactive, among other things.]

Not too surprisingly I felt I had some acquaintance with a lot of what was talked about and demonstrated, but I also picked up several tips, and learned of some new websites and approaches, including Zamzar, which converts audio-visual files on the web to those which one can download, and then play on a pc, without the internet!   Will definitely go and check that out, and see how it works.

After the presentation – which was hardly formal – there was time for some hands on practice for the twenty five or so of us who were present –  including taking digital photos, setting up Facebook pages and trying a hand at basic blogging.  I sort of ended up as one of the informal resource persons, which was pretty amusing.

I don’t consider myself particular adept at use of these technologies, but I am somewhat surprised that there are no blogs by any Ghanaian librarians – at least that I have been able to find!   Maybe that will change?   I was also reminded that the whole point of blogging is to say something regularly!

So here I am…

2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 for librarians workshop

    • As you can see some of us did start a little earlier, even if I have not been writing that much about libraries and librarians.

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