Going for the inevitable

I didn’t know whether any of the bookshops in Accra would have copies of

Bought at Vidya's on 25 Sep 09

Dan Brown’s The lost symbol on the day it was officially released, so I decided to wait a little bit until Vidya’s got their supply.  So last Friday I went by there on the way back to work from the bank, and met the owner and her colleagues sorting out boxes, and putting prices on items received in a recently arrived consignment. Including of course, a limited number of copies of the famous, or infamous, Dan Brown book.

I did buy some other stuff – how could I resist?

So far I am on chapter 20 or so, but it is a long book!  Already I can imagine that this will provoke a lot more tourism to Washington, DC!   I even recommended it to K who is not the world’s greatest reader, but I suspect he would enjoy it too.

I wish it were possible to just stay at home and finish it, and then pass it on, but I don’t think that would go down well at work!

I do have a lot of other books to read – and I really should get cracking on them.  I am becoming a little lazy and/or heading for the web instead!

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