Ghana International Book Fair 2009

Somehow I thought the Ghana International Book Fair was starting on 2 November, so I braved the traffic and headed for the National Theatre at the beginning of the week, only to discover that this was the setting up day!   Sigh…

I went back again on 3 November, and sad to say I was again slightly disappointed.  Not too many people looking at the stands, but that’s probably because many were at a book launch (which is good).  There did seem to be a fairly well organised programme, which is a plus, but either I have missed something or I don’t listen to the right media or watch the right TV (all possible), but I haven’t seen that much publicity.

Since it does involve reading, somehow I would have thought that newspapers would have been at least one of the means of publicity, but not as far as I have seen.  The Pan African Writers Association (PAWA) on the other hand have had lots of ads in the Daily Graphic for their forthcoming conference.

Back to the Book Fair:  the focus was on Nigeria, and I did see some pretty interesting, well put together books published by BookCraft.   Unfortunately though, no Kachifo, which publishes books by Adichie and other well known contemporary Nigerian authors.  Lots of books for children – which is typical, as the educational market is the major one for most publishers and booksellers in this environment.  Some academic stuff – but not as much as I expected.  And virtually all the books on Ghana I had seen before.

I think that the next time, I must make more of an effort to get onto a mailing list, because I definitely feel out of the “loop” – sigh.

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