Photos, or the lack thereof…

I really, really must remember to not only take my camera with me wherever I go, but also to use it, especially when there is anything that relates to books and information!   I always, always, always seem to forget, and then remember when I thinking about what I should write about.

This past weekend was a perfect example of at least two or three instances where I could have taken some photos to supplement talking about books related matters.

Two occurred at the BIGS (British in Ghana Society) annual pre-Christmas bazaar which took place on 7 November.  Among the many stalls was a second hand book stall, which I glanced at, but didn’t seriously consider, as I had planned spending elsewhere.  But still, the mere fact that a bazaar has such a stall is indicative that there is a market for books which have already been read.   What did attract me though was a stall hosted by the Osu Children’s Library which had several of the colourful books on Ghana and West Africa available.   I remembered that KAC had asked for some copies of the books which I gave to B for her boys.   I must remember to buy a few more so that she has enough to give to friends who have kids who are Ghanaian by ancestry, but American by birth and where they live.  I think Kathy Knowles is giving a talk to NAWA this coming week so I really, really must try to attend.

Most of the rest of the day – apart from an hour putting in a brief appearance at the office’s fun and sports day – was spent at ISAG (International Spouses Association of Ghana)’s annual Festival of Nations, which this year had a musical theme and was held at the Alliance Francaise.  And what did I do – apart from eating yummy Russian meat filled pancakes and drinking bessap – I sold books!  Actually when one of ISAG’s members died her personal library was passed on to the organisation.  I was actually surprised at how many were bought – many on the older side, and some I would imagine totally out of print.  Did I take any photos?  Nope… as I thought I had forgotten my camera at home, only to discover later that I hadn’t!   Grrrr…

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