BarCamp Ghana 09

I won’t even attempt to give an overview of what happened at the latest BarCamp Ghana 09 which took place on Monday 21 December 2009 at MEST here in Accra.    This year there seems to have been a lot more blogging immediately after the event, with a large number of tweets using the hashtag #bcghana09.  I guess the best place to go is the BarCamp Ghana website, and specifically the recap pages.

David Ajao put up some fairly comprehensive coverage via his website and blog, including one on Ghana Blogging facilitated by Kajsa Hallberg Adu.  Chris Bennett also commented, though not so positively, in my view.  But to get a real feel of what went on in the various break-out groups especially, the best place is Twitter.  I admit I only went to two break-out sessions, as the day was getting quite long, and the prospect of traffic on the way home was not too pleasing, but when I got home I did actually go through several pages of tweets put by the BarCamp Ghana  09 team.  There is also a Flickr stream of photos which is a good substitute for the usual photographer’s hard copy photos laid out haphazardly on a table!

I will offer some very personal comments/reactions.   Once again I was probably the oldest person there, but that didn’t really bother me, and I don’t know why I should even mention it, but maybe it is a feeling that there are a lot of people out there who probably feel that this kind of event is just not relevant to them.  And maybe it isn’t, but personally I feel that many of them will have missed out on some really exciting developments going on.   I continue to ask myself:  am I the only librarian who is interested in this kind of initiative?

Unlike some of the IT oriented colleagues who used their higher level mobile phones to find their way to the venue, yours truly did the “traditional” Ghanaian thing of asking someone – a driver at work – for directions.  And basically that worked pretty well, though I didn’t realise the road on which MEST was located was untarred, but I did see a signboard, so was easily able to trace the venue, and very early I was too!

I thought having some of the plenary sessions outside worked for the numbers that were present.  It wasn’t too hot, but then I chose my seat carefully, to maximize the shade!  The rooms for the breakout sessions varied – and seemed to be OK, though the air-conditioning didn’t seem to be overly cool, but maybe that was because of the numbers present?

As usual, I left feeling that I could have networked a bit more, and maybe tried to stay longer.   But altogether glad that I went.

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