Reading challenges?

I’ve been reading about Reading challenges and wondered whether I should take part in one.  It is a kind of measurement – which I do already, to a certain extent, in that for the last ten years or more I have actually been noting down the titles of the books which I completed.  No comments initially, though more recently I have tended to do a little categorization:  fiction/non-fiction, a genre, and the date I completed the book.  Plus I usually make a note of books with African content or authors.

Over the last three years or so, I have “joined” various websites where one can record one’s reading:  Shelfari, LibraryThing, CompletelyNovel, BookArmy, etc but have not been particularly diligent in either visiting the sites or updating my profiles there.

One I didn’t mention is GoodReads to which I have been much more loyal.   If I ask myself why, I would probably say that it is relatively simple, and not particularly jazzy.  There are some graphics, but they tend to be either book covers or small photos/graphics of contributors.  I can list my books, and make comments on them.  I’ve also found a web-based African literature book group – pretty unusual from my searches, which I admit may not have been as thorough as they could or should be. It’s easy to write comments, and others do respond!

And more recently I found a couple of interesting (to me) challenges:  the 50 books a year and the 100+ book challenge.  I knew I would definitely be over fifty, so decided I might as well be overly ambitious and try the second one!  So far I think I am on book 5 which is not exactly speedy!   But we shall see.  I try not to include the assorted cookbooks which I just skim, but I think I should make it.  Though a couple of door-stoppers won’t help matters!

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