Children’s reading in Ghana

A couple of items caught my attention recently:  one a campaign to get children to read, and the other a blog on reading done by Ghanaian children.

The first has actually been on the radio, specifically on JoyFM for the last couple of weeks or so, only because I don’t listen to the radio at work, I have not actually heard any of the kids read, or the interviews or anything else, except basically the trailers for The Read100 project.  It does sound like a good idea, and certainly the comments – in contrast to what usually happens  in response to JoyFM’s news stories – are extremely positive and constructive.

My only concern lies with the choice of books:  the first book is Meshack Asare’s The cross drums, which is published by Sub-Saharan, a small Ghanaian publisher with generally high standards.   I suspect however that the issue will not be one of interest, but rather one of supply.  How many of the local bookshops have the book in stock? Was the project discussed with them? And what about future books?

The other item was a post in the Wo Se Ekyr:  what yo’ Mamma never told you about Ghana blog.  Lots of comments on the post, which in my view is proof that Esi Cleland obviously pushes some of the right buttons!

I do wonder how come reading seems to be a topic of the moment?

4 thoughts on “Children’s reading in Ghana

    • Re glossary on translation terms: ouch. No idea off the top of my head. Re crime thriller: I think we discussed the Quartey and Parkes book elsewhere? Any particular type? setting? whatever? Of course the really, really big ones in the US and Europe at the moment are the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson, starting with The girl with the dragon tattoo, which is available in at least one bookshop here in Accra, or if you ask around I am sure you can find one.

  1. Children’s reading in Ghana

    I will be visiting Ghana next week and would like with people interested in this topic. The University of South Africa plans a research project on children’s readings habits and preferences in Africa and we are looking for partners in Ghana.

    I will be in Accra (14-15/07); Kumasi (16-17/07) and Cape Coast (18-20/07).

    Hope to hear from somebody!

    Thomas van der Walt
    University of South Africa

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