Gina Loring’s poems at Cuppa Cappuccino

I got an invitation to listen to Gina Loring – a young, contemporary, poet from the US – via an email from Franka Andoh, who runs Cuppa Cappucino.  In a way my timing was perfect; though I was late, (the programme actually started on time at 5.30pm as advertised), I came to meet the invited guest just about to recite three of her poems.  One a tribute to Lena Horne, another to her small cousin aged 18 months and other on the poems lying within so many people.  On reflection they were really interesting, and I wish I could have heard more.

But it was Friday evening, and the end of the last week of the semester, and the academic year, and I guess I was tired, so part of me wanted to stay and be sociable, and the rest wanted to go home.

Regretfully, I say, looking back, I chose the latter.  Got home, and there was no electricity, so there was no choice but to wash and go to sleep.

But I was glad to have been remembered, and to have been invited.

What I need to do more is to keep in touch and network afterwards, rather than excuse myself!


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