Ferdinand Oyono, Cameroonian author, passes away

I will not repeat the scanty details of the recent death – on 10 June 2010 – of 81 year old Ferdinand Oyono, the well-known Cameroonian author.

I actually heard the news first on the BBC World Service, but couldn’t find any information on the BBC’s website [their search is pretty horrible, I find].

There is a lot in French though, which is not too surprising.

And interestingly enough there is a Facebook page devoted to him, which has a fair amount of non-academic information and links about him.

I read Houseboy not too long ago, and was surprised that I hadn’t read it earlier, as Oyono definitely seems to have belonged to an earlier generation of African writers, many of whom got published in the Heinemann African Writers’ Series, some titles from which are still available, though unfortunately not all.

Of course if you are lucky enough to live in Accra, you can get some of the AWS books at many bookshops, including EPP, Silverbird and Vidya’s, to name a few.

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