Many topics I could talk about, but haven’t got round to … yet

Guilt, guilt, guilt … at not posting recently!

I come home, relax a bit with a couple of books, but then feel too tired, so end up just checking email, and worse still, playing Spider solitaire!  Not terribly constructive I admit!

I feel I really should comment about the GhanaBlogging meet-up with Ethan Zuckerman of Global Voices, among many others, which took place on 25 July.    Great to finally meet him, especially as I remember hearing about his work with Geek Corps (quite a long time ago), and currently follow his blog regularly.

Then the Booker longlist for 2010 was announced this week.  I do admit that when I was working at British Council Ghana, (when there were libraries there – but alas no more) ,  this was a signal for making sure that some of the best of contemporary UK fiction would be ordered.  I am sad to say I don’t do this now, but at least there are a few titles that I may put on my personal wish list and/or bring up for future selection at Accra Book Club.

And just this morning, got a tweet from a colleague about the new improved Kindle so naturally I had to add that to my wish list, and delete the earlier ones!  I wonder if anyone wants to give me a slightly expensive, somewhat indulgent, present???

And related to the above on Kindles, there were several stories about the World Reader project here in Ghana, including a video of Colin McElwee talking about Books for all at TEDx at Barcelona.

More later…

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