Lack of postings in September and October: sorry

I shouldn’t offer any excuses for the lack of posts, but personal issues have impinged.  In September I was away, attending a family wedding, and October has been full of less pleasant domestic issues.

So I should have talked about the following:

  1. The Ghana International Book Fair, which is taking place in Accra, at the Trade Fair, 2 -6 November 2010.  Of course I will go, even if I am not invited to any of the parallel events!
  2. My new Kindle – yes I succumbed!
  3. My reactions to Benjamin Kwakye’s latest novel, The other crucifix, especially after having re-read his first novel, The clothes of nakedness, as part of the Ashesi campus wide read!
  4. The fact that many colleagues working in academic libraries here in Ghana were in Tamale to attend a gathering of the Committee of University Librarians and their Deputies (CULD) which took place 28-29 October 2010.
  5. But in Accra, I attended a presentation by Denise Beaulieu at IDEG on the production and dissemination of knowledge by various civil society organisations in Ghana

Just to mention a few…

So I guess I should get my act together, and do a little writing, and add a few more links.