Reorganizing my books

I do admit that I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks.  Not really for lack of material, but more for lack of inclination, and for lack of time and more importantly commitment.

Last weekend I moved from our house to rented premises – to allow us to have some reconstruction done – and although we are somewhat settled, there are still several boxes of books to be unpacked and organized!  Because so much stuff has been accumulated over the years, I have almost forgotten how much space it all takes up!

Doing the actual work does take up time and energy, not always in great supply after a full day, and certainly not assisted when the electricity goes off!

And of course it seems as if there aren’t enough shelves so I will have to get some more made – which  amuses everyone at home to no end!  I guess it is all made worse by my trying to put together non-fiction, children’s stuff, mysteries/thrillers/crime (quite a lot), African literature, books on Ghana, and also other novels. And I really, really filled the shelves, as you can see.

Then there are all the “To be read” books which I usually try to keep separate so they stand as a reminder of all I have in store for the future!

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