BarCamp Ghana 2010 generates heated discussions

I will write more later about my impressions of BarCamp Ghana 2010, but I thought I should say that there has been a lot of fairly heated discussions – at least in the sessions I have attended:  on citizen journalism, on telling the African stories and blogging!

3 thoughts on “BarCamp Ghana 2010 generates heated discussions

    • I understand that sometimes some people feel there is too much negativity, and so only want to project the positive, but that too is a bit naive. And I think I would say the same thing no matter where I was living. There is always room for improvement or doing something better or differently. Now should I get into talking about what I love in Ghana? Having fantastic pineapples and watermelon, such as we had at the end of the BarCamp Ghana 2010 is something which can hardly be beaten. I almost asked to take half the tray home, but restrained myself! And IMHO Ghanaian bananas – and I mean the small “local” ones just can’t be beat for taste! I had better restrain myself though…

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