What is the “Ghana Library” site offering?

Just saw Geosireads’ post on the Ghana Library site, which is being promoted at the University of Ghana.

can only say a great big thanks to him for mentioning this in his blog, as I certainly wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

Certainly it sounds very interesting, but as usual, there is very little information on the Home page to tell someone what the actual content is.  There are implications that institutions have subscribed, and students have automatic rights to accounts, but according to Geosi, there are going to be scratch cards available to gain access, and these will require a payment of fifteen Ghana cedis (approximately ten US dollars).

There are some contact details – local, Ghanaian mobiles, and web-based emails, which I will definitely follow-up on – from work though, as this seems like it is aimed at an academic community.   And I do work in one, after all!

My questions are:  what is the content available?  How does one access it?  Does it have to be read online only?  What kind of downloading can be done?  What about printing? Are there time constraints – especially if scratch cards are involved?

With internet connections so relatively expensive and variable in this part of the world, something which sounds fine may not actually be so when you try to open a file over an erratic connection, which is what most of us are using.

So I would like to see what is on offer, and how easy it is to use.

And on a more general basis, I am wondering whether the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH) are aware of this initiative, or have been approached to be a conduit for such ebooks.

There is definitely some work to do before I give my opinion on the new “Ghana Library”. A second post will definitely be a necessity!


7 thoughts on “What is the “Ghana Library” site offering?

  1. Great observations and points made here. I also read it on Geosi’s blog. I think we need to know more. If the GHC15 is for two or three downloads or for a year’s subscription etc. Thanks and would be waiting upon this.

  2. Interestingly enough, there is an article in the Daily Graphic newspaper of Friday 21 January 2011 about the launch of this service. So definitely follow-up is on the cards.

  3. I also think you’ve raised important points here too. Interestingly, I realized that those men at the porters lodge have less information about the whole thing. Perhaps, more information should be given when finally launched.

  4. FYI I did a little bit of investigating, plus sending some emails, and calling, and managed to get a trial. It turns out that it is basically access to eBrary, But I do need to find out more on the actual mechanics of how this works. It does depend on a more than snail-paced internet connecgtion, and how much downloading one can do, I am not sure.

  5. I’m so glad that you’ve taken this up. I went to the site and the lack of indepth info about the offerings raised a lot of questions for me. Looking forward to what you uncover. thanks.

  6. I don’t know if this is the correct place to make a comment, so apologies if I’m in the wrong place. I’ll be coming to Ghana to work in Accra in mid February and one of the things I really enjoy in life is reading books and talking about them with friends. I’ve seen on this site references to Accra book club. Could someone tell me if this still meets? where and when? could I join?



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