My book club activities over the last couple of weeks

Last week there was an Accra Book Club meeting at which eight of us discussed Kathryn Stockett’s The help at a new restaurant here in Accra, aptly named Magnolia’s! Most of us enjoyed the book, though there were some reservations – most specifically that the author did gloss over some of the nastier aspects of segregated life in the southern US in the early 1960s.  Yet the author’s skill in portraying characters who neither completely good nor even completely bad was appreciated.  We all liked the way she described how women in that particular milieu interacted with one another.

It was a good start to the year, and we even got a few recommendations for future reads, though this is still work in progress!

Next reads – from our “old” list are:

  1. The house of spirits, by Isabel Allende
  2. In the skin of a lion, by Michael Ondaatje

I also joined with some other readers in a discussion of Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond’s Powder necklace, which was published last year, and whose launch in Ghana I attended.  A much smaller group, but it was interesting because at least two of those present were members of the Ghanaian diaspora who had returned to settle in Ghana, so could empathize quite a lot with some aspects of this story.

Within a day or so, I must make my final suggestion for a book for this group to share:  at the moment I am split between:  Scarlet song, by Mariama Ba or The boy in the striped pajamas, by John Boyne.

So I really, really need to get my reading act together!

3 thoughts on “My book club activities over the last couple of weeks

  1. Hi,

    I would be extremely interested in becoming a member of the book club. I had no idea that there was one here in Accra!

    Could you please email me the details?



    • Actually I believe there are several book clubs here in Accra. I will email you regarding the Accra Book Club

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