Accra Book Club calling!

This is unashamedly a plug for the main book club I belong to.

We call ourselves the Accra Book Club, which is not terribly original, I know.  We  meet monthly – usually, except for a month or two in the months of June, July or August. This year we missed our July and August gatherings as several members had travelled.

So we will resume at the end of September.

Our next two books are:

  • The thirteenth tale, by Diane Sutterfield
  • The life and times of Michael K, by J M Coetzee

We usually meet at a restaurant, early in the evening – and we eat, and talk about the specific book, and others we’ve read.  We also socialize a bit!

So if you are coming to Accra or have just arrived or you’ve been here for a while, and are looking for a book club/book group in which to discuss a range of books, do contact me – via the comments – and I will send you more information.

Looking forward to hearing from some more potential “members”!

16 thoughts on “Accra Book Club calling!

  1. I have a copy of Coetzees ‘The Life and Times of Michael K’ I could lend you in exchange for the ‘Thirteenth Tale’, Isaac. When is the book club starting again? Do count me in. Thanks.

  2. We are relocating to Accra 1/4/2012 and I was delighted to come across your blog. After reading the entries, it seems that an e-reader would be a great Christmas present (to myself). In South Africa there are many e-readers available, but it seems that your blog refers only to Kindles. Can anyone help with choosing the “best” Kindle?

    • I spoke of Kindles, since that seems to be the e-reader which is “popular” among members of the Accra Book Club. It has to do with availability of material that one can download – for free – and that one can buy. Actually I think there are some who download books to their iPads but I don’t know what software they use. You can buy a 3G version or one that just uses wifi. And if you don’t have a wifi environment, one of the advantages of Kindles is that one can download onto one’s pc. Of course there is also an issue of battery life – longer in the non-coloured screen readers. Hope that answers some of your questions.

  3. I’d love to join! Are you still operating?
    What are the current books to be read and where do you meet up?

  4. Hello , I;m Joe ,been in Accra for some couple months . Really would love to join your book club . Please could you email me how to go about it . Hope to hear from you soon . Thanks .

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