February 2012 reading, and book buying

Several book-blogging colleagues (Kinna Reads, ImageNations and Reading Pleasure ) have written about their February reading and plans for March.  Naturally as a book lover and reader, I am always happy to see what others have been reading, and also what their To Be Read “bookshelves” look like.

On the reading front, I only finished four books – three fiction and one non-fiction, three male authors and one woman, two with Ghanaian settings:

  1. The uncommon reader, by Alan Bennett [which was actually a re-read, for Accra Book Club.  A satirical, comic view of the British Queen, and the effects of reading.  A short novella, but definitely for book lovers!]
  2. Room, by Emma Donoghue  [Really good novel about a young woman imprisoned for several years, and the life she make for herself and her son born in captivity.  Harrowing on the emotions at times]
  3. A sense of savanna … tales of a friendly walk through Northern Ghana, by Kofi Akpabli [Enjoyable travelogue. Some locations I have been to; others I would love to visit]
  4. Tales from different tails, by Nana Awere Damoah [Stories mostly about relationships, often with setting in Ghanaian tertiary institutions]

Books 3 and 4 could count towards the Africa Reading Challenge .

On the book-buying side, not much activity.  I did buy eight books – split between fiction and non-fiction  – a sort of belated Christmas cum New Year present to myself! But I haven’t started reading any of them yet.  And during February I didn’t buy or download any e-books either!

Do I have plans for March? Not really – apart from finishing a few of the books I am reading now. But who knows how I will feel as the month moves on?

And if there is a lot of load-shedding from Electricity Company of Ghana, I may not be able to do much reading in the evenings anyway!


6 thoughts on “February 2012 reading, and book buying

  1. Ha! ECG. My boy is preparing for BECE this April so you can imagine how this ECG tardiness is affecting us at home.

    I think you did better than me this past February, though with the book buying I’ve decided to hold on since I’ve bought lots books (some for the kids, though) in the past that I just don’t seem to find the time to read. The Ghana Book Trust has a lot at really affordable prices, you know. I do hope that this March, you’ll be able to finish the books you’ve started reading.

    Any ideas on YA lit for my boy after his exams?

    • Re YA for teen males: hmmm… I did come across some the Burt prize winners from previous years, and I think some might appeal to boys. Science fiction/fantasy is often something boys like, but my view is that reading anything is better than nothing!

      • I have the Twelfth Heart by Elizabeth Irene Baitie and Haunted House by Ivy Goka, which he has already read. I think I’ll go for the sci-fi/fantasy this time. I do agree that reading anything is better. Thanks.

    • The problem is that I already have three full shelves of TBR physical books, not to talk of the electronic ones!

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