June reads and buys

Because I attended so many book/information related events in June , it seemed that it was a busy month, but
not really so on the actual reading side.

I read five books – two non-fiction, and three fiction, plus one of the five had a Ghana focus.

  1. The Prof – a man remembered – the life, vision and legacy of Dr K A Busia, ed by Abena P A Busia [a collection of tributes]
  2. Ox-tales earth [a collection of short stories by UK authors]
  3. Little hands clapping, by Dan Rhodes [slightly macabre, in places, novel which was read for Accra Book Club]
  4. Typhoid Mary, by Anthony Bourdain [an interesting perspective from the renowned chef]
  5. A novel bookstore, by Laurence Cosse [very enjoyable novel about a very French bookstore; probably my favourite of the month]

I bought seven books – none in electronic format – three for work and four to be added to my TBR shelves:

  1. Kuenyehia on entrepreneurship, by Elikem Kuenyehia [for work, bought at the launch, which I mentioned earlier]
  2. Birds of Western and Central Africa, by Ber van Perlo [mainly for visitors at work, and also because I’ve been seeing several Red Bishop’s in the tall grasses on my way to and from work]
  3. Surf yellow pages 2012 [although it is also available online, sometimes a hard copy is useful – especially if the internet is down at work]
  4. In the garden of beasts, by Erik Larson [well reviewed]
  5. Perfume, by Patrick Suskind [was this mentioned at some book club meeting?]
  6. Havana Bay, by Martin Cruz Smith [I do like thrillers]

So that was it on the reading and buying side….

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