Vice-President John Mahama launches book in US

Not surprisingly there have been several stories about the launch of Vice-President John Mahama’s book My first coup d’etat and other true stories from the lost decades of Africa in New York.

I was privileged to hear a few months ago excerpts from the first chapter, and it sounded interesting, funny and at times poignant.  I really look forward to being able to buy and read a copy here in Ghana.

I also think it is great that a senior politician has taken the time to write.  We definitely need more of this.

Links to some of the stories:  from GhanaWeb and VibeGhana (taken from GNA).


2 thoughts on “Vice-President John Mahama launches book in US

  1. I agree with you. Whatever anyone will say, writing a book is one of the best things a president or a vice could do. And I hope it will be distributed in Ghana for us to get copies to read.

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