Advert for Ghana Book Awards raises a few questions

Seen in the Ghanaian Times of Wednesday 12 September 2012 [apologies for not posting this earlier, but as the comments still apply, I will still post it]


The Ghana Book Development Council request for entries for Write Publisher  for Ghana Book Awards 2012 in the following categories:

Junior Fiction
Adult Fiction
General Book

The book should be published in Ghana between 2009 and 2012.  Four (4) copies each of all entries should be sent to:

Ag Executive Director
PO Box MB430, Ministries

or hand delivered to either of the following:

GBDC Secretariat
NAPTEX Building
Education Enclave, Legon
c/o Ghana Book Publishers Association Office
3rd floor, Workers College Building

closing date:  15 October 2012

For further enquiries, please phone 023-259-6800


I have a few comments, or rather questions, on this advert.

  1. First of all what is “Write Publisher”?
  2. Second, what is meant by a “General Book” category?
  3. Thirdly I would like to ask about locations:  does everyone know where Education Enclave is? or Workers College Building?  There is no further indication of where these are, and personally I feel that this is a significant omission .  I know we don’t have proper street names here in Ghana, but one can narrow down areas to make them more accessible to someone who is not familiar with Accra.
  4. My last comment has to do with the lack of an email contact, or a website.  In this era there is simply no excuse not to have an email address, even if it is one that is totally web-based.

I do realize that most of the publishers would probably know of either the GBDC Secretariat or the Ghana Book Publishers Association – so presumably those placing the advert probably thought this information was superfluous.  But then, why bother?

The question then to ask:  What is this advert for? Isn’t it a type of promotion of books? and of publishing?


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