Women writers – part of IWD celebrations in Accra

I attended most of an International Women’s Day event at the Alliance Francaise on Friday 8 March in the evening:  Women of the world: Talking about a revolution, partly because I received an invitation from one of the authors involved, and also because I always feel happy to support writers who want to promote themselves and their work.

I admit I didn’t stay till the end – but managed to at least 23.00 [pretty late for some of us who get up really early – before 6am – in order to go to work!]. I enjoyed the combination of music (for and about women) and words, and the Alliance Francaise is a great venue for outdoor events in the evenings.

I will say more at a later time, but it is a great tribute to the organizers, the AWDF, the Alliance Francaise, and the writers, to come together for such an event.

NB:  this post is done as part of an activity organized by @BloggingGhana





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