“Ghana must go” – two different covers

US cover

US cover

UK cover

UK cover

I’ve always been intrigued by articles/posts demonstrating just how differently books are marketed in the US and the UK.  Usually this happens by posting the different book covers/jackets, and usually selecting the one which the author feels is most appropriate to the content of the book.

During the last few months this has happened to me with Ghanaian/Nigerian/Afropolitan author Taiye Selasi’s first book, Ghana must go.

Although I knew that she would be in Accra in July for the Ghana launch of her book, I have to admit to a little trepidation regarding whether there would be copies of her books available at any of the local occasions where she was going to read and talk.  And not too surprisingly this was justified, as typically there were issues in the timing of shipping books to Ghana, much to the disappointment of those who would have liked to have Selasi personally autograph their copies.

Luckily I was able to get a copy in the US – see cover.

And more recently as Selasi’s book was adopted as the class of 2017 Freshman read at Ashesi University College, I was able to see first hand that the UK cover was very different.

The US cover is bold, yet in a way the UK one relates to the flowers which are so important to one of the main characters.  Can I decide which one I prefer?  I am not sure.

What about you the readers?

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