Launch of “The Ghana cookbook” in Accra

The end of January saw one of those typical Accra days when there seemed to be a multitude of events all happening on the same day.

Not unsurprisingly I chose to attend two book events – back to back: a long awaited cookbook launch and the first Accra Book Club gathering of the year.

007The first was the launch The Ghana cookbook, by Fran Osseo-Asare and Barbara Baeta, at Flair Catering. I have followed the first author’s food blog, (Betumi Blog ) for several years, so I was aware that this cookbook has been in the making for quite some time.

The audience was mostly female (not too surprising) and many were not young (probably not too surprising either). Apart from some historical background provided by both the authors/cooks, I particularly enjoyed Elizabeth Ohene’s tribute, part of which is mentioned in the following article .

And to top off the occasion there were delicious Ghanaian small chops, including one or two which brought back memories of life in Kumasi in the not so easy 1980s.

I had already bought a copy of the cookbook, but at least I managed to get it specially autographed.

I am not a real foodie, as I don’t cook much, but I do like reading through cookbooks and recipes.   And indeed I do have a few shelves of them!


2 thoughts on “Launch of “The Ghana cookbook” in Accra

  1. I know you say you aren’t much of a cook, but have you tried any of the recipes? I am curious, because I too bought the cookbook to try and “wow” my boyfriend with authentic tasting food, but I’m worried that it’s all very deceiving and he’ll scowl at poorly made food.
    – Krys

    • I admit that I am not much of a cook – apart from some of the sweeter things – but the recipes are pretty straightforward, and adapted to a certain extent to non-Ghanaian conditions. Perhaps the best thing to do is to try something relatively simple? [OK, I do admit usually someone else does the cooking in my house in Accra!]

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