Two book launches at Goethe Institut, Accra

Maybe it is just that I am more able to attend events, but I definitely feel that there has been quite a bit going on in the books scene here in Accra over the last month or so.

I meant to attend Alba Sumprim‘s launch of her book, A place of beautiful nonsense, at the beginning of July at the Goethe Institut but unfortunately couldn’t due to having visitors.  But I enjoyed her first book, The imported Ghanaian, as well as her columns from the Daily Despatch, one of the local newspapers here in Accra.  So of course, I looked forward to seeing what she would say and draw for her new book.  I did find a copy – not autographed though – in Silverbird bookshop, and it is now sitting on my TBR shelf.  Looks good for dipping into.

This past week I was again at the Goethe Institut, for another programme organized by the Writers Project of Ghana, this time with friend and fellow blogger, Fiona Leonard.  As those who follow her blog know, Fiona finally published her novel, The chicken thief, which has been available on Amazon in Kindle format for a while.  But for those of us here in Ghana, the launch reading finally came off with lots of physical copies of the book available for sale.  And naturally I did buy one, and of course, did get it autographed!  Readings definitely do serve to wet one’s desire to read, I have noticed!

Another addition to the TBR shelves.  I just wish I could make more time to read, read, and do more reading!


“Imported Ghanaian” advice now online!

I mentioned in an earlier post that Alba Sumprim had a recent column in the Daily Dispatch, a Ghanaian newspaper,  about her experience in marketing her book.

For budding writers she has now put up some of her material on her website, specifically under A book’s journey.  Not quite the whole article that I can see, but at least it’s a beginning, and it is entertaining.

“Imported Ghanaian” talks about writing and marketing books

The Daily Dispatch is one of the few independent newspapers here in Accra which is known for the quality of its columnists – at least in my opinion.

One of those I try not to miss is Alba Kunadu Sumprim’s “The imported Ghanaian” which usually comes out on Tuesdays.  Not that long ago she wrote a column entitled “So you think you can write?” full of advice to budding authors, much of which was derived from her own experience.

And today, she has followed up with one entitled “The real work starts” which is all about publishing, and more importantly marketing, and actually getting your books sold here in Ghana.

I wish I could find a copy of the column online, but I don’t think there is – at least I haven’t found one.

However, do take a look at Alba’s website, The imported Ghanaian It is pretty bright and lively, and has some of her earlier pieces.   And of course, if you want to continue the discussion, you can always contact her via her website.