Accra Book Club calling!

This is unashamedly a plug for the main book club I belong to.

We call ourselves the Accra Book Club, which is not terribly original, I know.  We  meet monthly – usually, except for a month or two in the months of June, July or August. This year we missed our July and August gatherings as several members had travelled.

So we will resume at the end of September.

Our next two books are:

  • The thirteenth tale, by Diane Sutterfield
  • The life and times of Michael K, by J M Coetzee

We usually meet at a restaurant, early in the evening – and we eat, and talk about the specific book, and others we’ve read.  We also socialize a bit!

So if you are coming to Accra or have just arrived or you’ve been here for a while, and are looking for a book club/book group in which to discuss a range of books, do contact me – via the comments – and I will send you more information.

Looking forward to hearing from some more potential “members”!


Kindles in book clubs in February 2011

A couple of busy bookish weeks for me at the end of February – not that I haven’t been reading during the previous weeks, but somehow, the end of the month seems to have a greater intensity than earlier on.

Mid February was a discussion from the second book club/group I belong to here in Accra.  The group doesn’t seem to have a name, which for my filing is a little awkward.  Should I call it Accra Book Club 2? or Book Club 2? or Other Book Club?  Maybe I need to discuss with the person who has been coordinating things for this group?

Anyway this month the choice was mine, and I thought it might be interesting to discuss John Boyne’s The boy in the striped pajamas which I read in 2010, but then revisited by watching the film with the same name over the Christmas holidays.  I have to admit I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch the film, because I knew that the ending was not going to be happy, but I found it quite well done on the whole.   Definitely one of the better film adaptations of a book, in my opinion.

What particularly marked this particular gathering/discussion was the fact that this was the first time I had read, or in this case re-read, a book on my Kindle for a book club.  For some reason I have always been able to get physical books to discuss.   But this time, someone had taken my physical copy to school, so there was no choice left but to go the ebook way!  Not a hardship, I admit.

But a sign of things to come?