An older loved paperback

Usually the books I read tend to be newer – that is, bought within the last five years or so [I do have several shelves of to be Dune, by Frank Herbertread books!].  Or of course “bought” or is it “leased” on my Kindle?

That isn’t to say that I don’t have older books on my shelves, far from it.  When I was last doing a big clean of my bookshelves – a task, but not completely a chore, usually done on long weekend holidays – I noticed that there were books bought while in college in the early 1970s, plus some bought while in Ibadan (the mid 1970s), as well as some that were my husband’s light reading, probably going back to his time in university.

Recently Accra Book Club discussed Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction story, Dune.  I knew I had read it – but that was more than half a lifetime ago.  So I was pleased to see that it was actually one of the books I brought with me when I first came to this part of the world.  And it even had my maiden name in it!  All of which date it to the early 1970s or possibly the late 1960s!

So here it is… Admittedly the pages are browner, and the cover did have to be taped back on, but it wasn’t falling apart!

And yes, I did enjoy it – probably more than I did the first time!