GLA/Goethe Institut organise workshop on “Getting published”

Group photo

I mention the GLA (Ghana Library Association) in this blog quite a bit, which is not too surprising since I proudly admit to being a librarian/information manager/information provider and book junkie!

So since I spent most of today attending a workshop organised by the GLA, with support from the Goethe Institut, I have to mention them again!

And no, being a librarian doesn’t mean that you are living in a dusty old fashioned world – at least I don’t think of myself that way!  What others think?  hmmm, well, that is a topic for another day!

This time the workshop was officially called “Fundamentals of getting published in scholarly journals”, and basically consisted of extremely detailed  lectures, with some questions, on the basics, ethics, editorial issues and referencing – among other matters – all led by the current editor of the Ghana Library Journal, I K Antwi.

I K Antwi speaking

Antwi is the long-serving Librarian at the University for Development Studies in Tamale whom I remember meeting often in the mid 1990s when I used to travel to Tamale regularly on the British Council’s outreach programme, which by the way doesn’t exist any more – just in case someone was wondering!

Plenty of material to absorb though, so I think it will be a good idea to really look at the slides of the presentation!

In the meantime I am including a couple of photos.