African picture books and Osu Children’s Library Fund

Today I went to EPP to look for some Ghanaian/African picture books which a close family member had asked me to buy.  I did find a few though not as many as I would have liked, but I shouldn’t complain, as I am sure someone will be happy to have them.

Six out of the nine I bought were written and/or photographed by Kathy Knowles, of Osu Children’s Library Fund .  The books are attractive, with photos that very West African, and the language is relevant and straightforward, and appropriate to either learners or lewer level learners.  And for local parents and guardians they are reasonably priced as well.

The Osu Children’s Library Fund seeks to promote reading and literacy mostly through community libraries in Ghana.  It does have ties to Canada, as its founder is Canadian, but the beneficiaries are children and others trying to improve their literacy, often in what are called “deprived” areas here in Ghana.

Interestingly enough the Osu Library Fund, which is actually the name of the Ghanaian NGO, is now looking for a Ghanaian Country Manager, which will help in managing the libraries and other literacy programmes.  I hope people with an interest in children, in books, in reading, in literacy apply.

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