Cape Coast on my mind

Cape Coast has been recurring theme in my personal life over the last few weeks.

A visit there with family included visits to two of Ghana’s best known secondary schools – Wesley Girls High School and Mfantsipim – plus a tour of Cape Coast castle (which I had never been to), though I have been to the nearby Elmina several times

And then at work we received a couple of copies of Abina and the important men, by Trevor Getz and Liz Clarke, which I had seen reviewed sometime last year, and was discussed on various academic lists which I follow.  I found the mixture of graphic non-fiction, plus a court transcript, and historical analysis fascinating.  And there is a website for it as well .  Definitely worth reading, in my opinion, for its depiction of Gold Coast coastal society in the late 19th century.

So I guess it was sort of inevitable that I should buy one of Albert von Dantzig’s books on the Forts and castles of Ghana on a recent visit to the University of Ghana Bookshop.

2 thoughts on “Cape Coast on my mind

  1. Recently read with great interest ‘The Fante and the Transatlantic Slave Trade’ by Rebecca Shumway. Anomabu should be visited if possible. JG

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