Serendipity is not always the answer

There is something to be said for serendipity [that is, if I can spell it correctly without recourse to a spell-checker – ouch!].  Finding three books I had been “looking” for and wanting to read – in one bookshop, in Accra, is a little unusual.   Normally I tend to rely on browsing, and seeing if anything strikes me.  A big achievement – worth celebrating?

I had to do some errands yesterday morning:  several tasks which mostly have to be done during working hours.  So with slight guilt, off I went.  Dropped in to say hi to ex-colleagues at the BC, but there weren’t too many around – I guess it was early?  Plus heard someone else had left, and that she was travelling in the evening.  Then to the bank at Liberia Road.  TG there weren’t too many people there, but it still took over half an hour to get a bank draft, and cash a cheque [but this time no luck with coins].  Still, I shouldn’t complain as people are pretty pleasant there, so I continue to bank there.  

Got R’s medicine – or at least one month’s supply, and as usual I managed to forget to bring his insurance card!   One day, I will remember!   The last step was to reward myself so I went to Vidya’s to see if there was anything new or interesting which would strike my fancy.   

And was thrilled to see a copy of The great Gatsby (by F Scott Fitzgerald) which is going to be read on BBC, the irony of which strikes me every time I hear the trailers… [given the fact that the book is set in 1920s New York before the crash of 1929!].  There were also several titles by Paulo Coelho, including his most well-known title, The alchemist, so I had to snatch that up, because if I didn’t there is no guarantee that it would be there the next time I went.  And last but not least I saw Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish policemen’s union, which my sister had recommended several months ago, and which I had put on my wish list in Amazon.  That wasn’t all, but I did feel very pleased with myself.   

Of course, I actually have to get around to reading these books, which will probably take a while, given that I already have a couple of shelves waiting to be perused…

I miss big bookshops – no matter how long I live here.  I had hoped (though not very realistically) that the new Accra Mall would have one.  So far it doesn’t.

Wish I could have finished this yesterday, but the lights went off – second time this week.  Not sure that this bodes well for the future!

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