Belated link to CODE’S Burt award for African literature Ghana

Burt award GhanaI have to admit that I have seen ads in the Ghanaian newspaper for CODE’s Burt award for African literature in Ghana, and I haven’t made any mention of it.  Mea culpa!

So here is the link to the specific CODE page and I think I should mention that the deadline is 31 May 2010.

The local collaborating organisation is Ghana Book Trust, which in my view is somewhat moribund, or perhaps I should say, less active than it used to be.  A pity, as it did help provide books to lots of institutions and community libraries.  But maybe it was regarded as competition by booksellers?  or was that just a piece of gossip which I heard, and am mentioning?

By the way:  CODE was originally an acronynm for Canadian Organization for Development through Education, but this is now the official name!  [I thought I should mention this fairly useful? piece of information!]

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