GAWBOFEST: a very limited view

I did go to the Ghana Association of Writers Book Festival which took place on Founder’s Day, or Kwame Nkrumah’s birthday.  It was a public holiday, so had to more or less force myself to get out of the house – but in a way having no electricity was a good enough impetus.

I did not plan to attend the opening ceremony, which was supposed to start at 9am but didn’t as it was still going on when I arrived after 11am!  And in fact it ended not long after noon, with quite a packed hall listening and watching.  I gather the high point was a poetry reading by a blind student from Wa.  Oh well…

So I spent my time outside looking at the stands, and on occasion chatting with colleagues/friends about books and ther quasi-literary issues.

I did buy a few books:

  • The days, by Ama Ata Aidoo (an illustrated children’s book, which I hadn’t heard of)
  • Tickling the Ghanaian: encounters with contemporary culture, by Kofi Akpabli (I had heard of its launch, and was wondering where and when I would get a copy)
  • The heart of old Accra (beautifully illustrated)
  • Akwaaba – Welcome to Ghana: Twi for tourists, by Nana Oforiwaa Koranteng (what would be the words and phrases chosen, I wondered)
I also picked up a programme of forthcoming activities from the Writers Project of Ghana which I have to look at and promote, in my small way.
I think I might have stayed a bit longer for some of storytelling and readings, but the heavens opened, and I decided it was time to leave.
Overall impression:  GAW obviously put a lot of effort into organizing the event, and were able to get a good number of people to attend.  A good start, in my opinion.

3 thoughts on “GAWBOFEST: a very limited view

  1. We went in the early afternoon. Agree it was a good start. It was lacking a bit of ooompf but I’m really not sure how I would have done it differently. It’s hard when you have limited book sellers/publishers/authors.

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